Year 7 Camp Snippet 2017

Year 10 Outdoor Education Kennett River Camp 2017

LA VET Music Trip 2017                                  Indonesian Study Trip 2017                       


Each year Bellarine Secondary College organises annual camps for all students in Years 7-9. It is encouraged all students attend the year level camp. With further opportunities for camps in the Later Years elective classes such as Outdoor Education and VET Music.

– Year 7 Camp in Campaspe Downs
– Year 8 Camp in Melbourne
– Year 9 ECO 5 Challenge Camp
– Year 10 Outdoor Education Kennett River Camp (selected students)
– Year 11 Summit Leadership Camp (selected students)
– Year 12 Alpine Camp (Outdoor Education students)
– Year 12 Camp in Ace-Hi Camp, Mornington Peninsula (all students)

We also offer biannual international trips for students interested in Music, Indonesian and Senior Students.

– Indonesia Language Study Trip
– VET Music Los Angeles Trip
– Borneo Trek Expedition (Yr10-12)

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