Mobile Technology Policy

Mobile Technology – Drysdale Campus

It is clear that there are many diverse views amongst staff relating to the use of mobile technology at school. It is also equally apparent that there is also an opinion that the use of mobile technology, when directed by the class teacher, can be used to effectively support learning. This document therefore endeavours to provide a clear and consistent framework for the use of mobile technology on the senior campus.

If students choose to bring their mobile phone to school then they may use it for personal use before school, at recess and lunch and then again after school. Such use must comply with DET policy and school expectations.

If a mobile phone is taken to class it should be;

  • Switched off, in silent mode or aeroplane mode.
  • Must not be visible or interrupt teaching and learning in any way
  • Can only ever be visible and/or used when instructed to by the class teacher for the purpose of supporting student learning

It is not the right of a student to use a mobile phone in class. The mobile phone is a tool, however, that may be used at the discretion of the class teacher, to support student learning. The class teacher will explicitly instruct students when they may use their mobile phone in class for a specific educational purpose.

In the instance that mobile phones are used inappropriately in class the following tiered response will occur:

1st Occasion Warning.

Discussion of expectations and appropriate use of the mobile phone at school (see above)

Recorded on Compass by classroom teacher

2nd Occasion Mobile phone confiscated by the class teacher for the remainder of the class. The mobile phone is returned to the student at the end of that class.

Classroom teacher conducts a restorative conversation with student, contacts parent/carer to inform them of the incident. Recorded on Compass.

3rd Occasion Mobile phone confiscated for the remainder of the day **

The mobile phone is stored at the General Office and collected by the student at the end of the day.

Incident recorded on Compass by the class teacher.

House Leader to lead a restorative conference with class teacher and student.

Parent/Carer contacted to inform them of the continued misuse of the mobile phone.


Further incidents resulting in the student forfeiting the right to have their mobile/smart phone at school for an agreed length of time. Recorded on Compass

If a serious breach occurs, the consequence may be escalated at the discretion of the House Leader/ Community Leader and/or Principal class.


An educative process will occur through Home Group to ensure students understand the above and the etiquette associated with responsible use of mobile technology at the campus; including the need to display courtesy, consideration and respect for others in the use of their mobile phone.