6.6 Day Structure Policy


Bellarine Secondary College is committed to providing an orderly and structured daily program.


  • To ensure that all members of the College community are aware of the structured learning time and break time during the day
  • To ensure all teaching areas have equitable access to time
  • To ensure the College meets the requirements for 300 minutes per day teaching time
  • To ensure the timetable structure aligns with the face to face teaching time as defined in the Victorian State Schools Agreement 2013


  • The orderly operation of the College is critical to students feeling safe and secure and so contributes to successful learning outcomes
  • The College must provide access to 300 minutes a day of instruction time
  • The structure of the College day impacts on the student capacity to learn effectively


  • The structure of the College day will be reviewed annually
  • The bell and activity times for the year will be published in the College Student Planner, the College website and the College Newsletter
  • The College daily structure must take into account agreements in place with VET and other training organisations that Bellarine Secondary College has partnerships with
  • The daily structure is:
Monday to Friday
8:55am Home Group
9:04am Session 1
9:55am Session 2
10:43am Recess break
11:08am Session 3
11:56am Session 4
12:44pm Lunch break
1:34pm Session 5
2:22pm Session 6
3:10pm End of scheduled classes
  • The schedule will vary on days of assembly or other special events.


EVALUATION: This policy will be reviewed every three years or more often if necessary due to changes in regulations or circumstances

Policy number 6.6
Approval date September 2014
Review date September 2017
DET/VRQA required Yes