Operating across Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast

Myki school buses (sometimes called school specials or conveyance buses) are public buses which operate at school times, and in most cases operate along different routes to the main public bus routes.

Each myki school trip is allocated a 2 or 3 digit destination code which is clearly displayed at the front of the bus. An example is “C9” or “N30”. To find a myki school service here.


Students must use one of the following tickets in order to travel on a myki school bus:

  1. myki
    • Topped up with sufficient credit,  OR
    • Pre-loaded with a Victorian Student Travel Pass or Geelong Student Transit Pass (zone 4 travel only)
  2. McHarry’s Student Bus PassPasses are issued by McHarry’s Buslines subject to the terms of the Conveyance Allowance administered by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Eligibility criteria applies. Please check with the College.

Students should stand at marked bus stops where available and hail the bus they wish to catch. In areas without formalised bus stops, students should stand in a conspicuous area and hail the bus. The driver may suggest a safe stopping location in the absence of formalised bus stops.

The times shown on the school bus timetables are the main stops but the bus will also stop in between. If you need help to estimate a bus stop time, please call McHarry’s office.

Where there are multiple school buses travelling along the same route, some buses may run express. If you are unclear about which bus is most appropriate to catch, please contact our office for further assistance.

School Bus Routes

Select the campus you are attending, and the suburb/town you wish to travel to/from. A list of possible choices will be displayed in time order. View the trips which suit and open the PDF which will show a route map, a basic timetable, and any special notes.

The towns of Torquay, Drysdale, and Ocean Grove all operate central school bus interchanges. There are special ‘feeder’ buses which bring students into the central interchange point. To find all possible school bus options, search the suburb from where you live AND also the suburb of the main interchange if applicable.