Our school endeavors to promote a healthy, supportive and secure environment for all students and to raise awareness of what makes students resilient, to develop strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and increase coping skills. Student well-being is seen as a shared responsibility between school, home and the community.

The well-being team supports students, families and staff by providing support and assistance to new students, students at risk of leaving school and students experiencing difficulties at school, at home or in the community. Counselling, advice and guidance can be provided by self-referral or teacher/parent referral, either within the school or through appropriate outside agencies. When a student accesses these health or counselling services they have the right to total confidentiality and advocacy. Families who are experiencing economic difficulties can seek advice on liasing with the necessary agencies for support through the well-being team. The well-being team consists of a variety of people who bring with them many skills.

Support available includes:

  • Well being Coordinator

    oversees and coordinates the support structures within each campus and provides support for students, families and staff as needed.

  • School Nurse

    provides current health information and support to young people in a range of topics .

  • Youth Health Worker

    acts as an advocate for young people, families and school staff and provides support, counselling and referral to external agencies as needed.

  • Family/Youth Worker

    works and mediates with students and their families.

  • Youth Worker

    is employed by BAYSA and is responsible for the Motivation and Retention of Students Program.

  • Youth Worker

    is employed by Open Family, to support students at risk of homelessness and a range of other issues.

  • Psychologists/Guidance Officers

    provide counselling, provides assessment to identify learning difficulties, offer in class support and teacher assistance.

Outside agencies such as Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault and Geelong Drug and Alcohol Centre will readily come to school for students as needed.